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Is Consigning Clothes Worth It?

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Throwing out old clothes should never be on someone’s mind—you can keep clothes out of landfills in several ways, including donating, selling, or consigning them. However, you may have heard of someone whose jacket never sold, swearing them off from consignment forever. 

It is easy to wonder if consignment stores are worth it, but you just need to look at everything they provide. They may not be for everyone, but they have many benefits. 

Consigning clothes can be worth it if you’re looking for a convenient, ethical way to rehome them. You take a percentage of the profit and leave the sale to experts who handle the display, marketing, and everything else. 

Learning more about the ins and outs of consigning clothes can help you decide if it’s worth it. 

What Is Consignment? 

Consignment is an ethical, convenient way to sell your preloved items. You own your clothes but provide them to a store where the staff help sell them—eventually splitting the revenue from the sale. 

The consignment journey begins when you bring your gently used clothes to a consignment store, where they are assessed and sorted. The clothing is then given a price and put on display for potential buyers. Once the item is sold, you receive a percentage of the sale price while the store keeps the rest as commission. 

Consignment is a fantastic way to shop for unique, affordable fashion while simultaneously decluttering your closet. As a buyer, it is a sustainable alternative to constantly buying brand-new clothes, extending the life of clothes already in the world. Consignment shopping is a great way to find hidden gems and a win-win situation for sellers and buyers.

Why Consign Over Donating or Selling Clothes Yourself? 

You may wonder whether to donate, sell, or consign when getting rid of your clothing. While each option has pros and cons, consigning your clothes may be the smartest choice in certain situations. 

You typically have 3 options when you spring clean your closet:

  • Donate: Say goodbye to your clothes quickly but get nothing in return.
  • Consign: Conveniently sell your clothes for slightly lower profits. 
  • Sell the clothes yourself: Earn all the money for you, but handle all the work alone. 

Consigning can help you earn money for the clothes you may have spent a pretty penny on. It also provides the advantage of a professional’s expertise in pricing and marketing your items, which can lead to better profits in the long run. While consigning may not be right for everyone, it’s worth considering if you want to get the most value out of your used clothing.

Is Consigning Clothes Worth It?

Consigning has many benefits, but it may not suit your needs. While you can make good money, part of the revenue goes to the store for its hard work selling and displaying your clothes. 

You may want a bigger payday for your clothes, so consider selling them yourself if that’s what you’re looking for. 

In general, ask yourself these questions if you are debating consigning or selling your clothes:

  • Do you have the time?
  • Do you have an audience?
  • Do you know your clothes well?
  • Do you want a stranger coming to your house to try on your clothes to see if they might want to buy it?

Working with a consignment store is worth it if the answer is no to these questions. Consigning your clothes puts them in the right place to be seen by frequent customers. It increases the likelihood of a sale, and you do not need to handle all the small details—you drop your clothes off and wait for the good news. 

What to Expect When You Consign at The Peacock Boutique

We make it easy to sell your clothes. You can drop off clothing at any of our 3 locations, where we will look at them before displaying them. Our team decides the price of each item, and you receive 40% of the revenue in cash or store credit. 

While we accept many pieces at our locations, we have a few considerations to make when choosing to sell an item, including: 

  • Quality: We sell as close to brand-new as possible. We will not accept clothing with rips, stains, or fading material. 
  • Sales: The goal is to sell your clothes, so we choose items based on what’s currently selling in the store. 
  • Season: We accept clothes based on the season. Avoid bringing skirts when snow hits the ground or puffers in the summer. 

While we work hard to get your clothes into a new closet, sometimes pieces do not sell. If this happens, you will get the choice of collecting your clothes or allowing us to donate them to a local charity. 

A wide-angle view of the front entrance of The Peacock Boutique's Inglewood location.

Sell Your Clothes Today

Consignment can be the perfect way to make extra money without all the hassle. You do not need to donate your clothes to clear your closet—consign with us to earn some cash. Drop off your clothing, and we can handle the rest. 

Visit one of The Peacock Boutique Consignment locations if you have clothes you want to sell. 

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