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Canadian Winter Fashion: Styling for the Cold Months

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If you aren’t prepared, the Canadian climate can be unforgiving. We’ve all seen the tales of the overnight snowfalls that could rival a building’s height, or of the people making skating rinks in the backyard. It’s cold, it’s windy, and it’s wet. That’s why it’s so important to wear proper quality clothing during the cold months—but you don’t have to compromise on style.

When you’re styling for the cold months, make sure you’re:

  • Keeping an eye out for quality coats
  • Layering like a professional
  • Focusing on functional and fashionable footwear
  • Choosing cozy, comfortable, and classy accessories
  • Keeping things comfortable

Keeping an Eye Out for Quality Coats

Your coat might just be the most important part of your winter wear. It’s important to choose appropriate materials for the weather—while a nice leather coat can be wonderful, it might not be the right choice for when the snow starts coming down.

Try to keep an eye out for a coat with several layers. A waterproof outside material makes a big difference as well—you don’t want snow getting in and trapped against your skin! That’s a fast route to frostbite.

Make sure that the coat is comfortable and don’t forget to try it on! Remember: Canadian winters can be a little longer than most, so you’re going to be using this coat for a while.

If you’ve found yourself a waterproof and comfortable coat, then you’ve got the first piece of the puzzle.

Layering like a Professional

There’s a secret that most Canadians know: to conquer the Canadian cold, you have to learn to layer.

Layering clothes lets you adapt to the often changing weather conditions at the drop of a dime. Instead of having to completely redo an entire outfit every time the wind stops, layering lets you change things up on the fly.

When you step indoors, you lose the coat. When you’re popping outside, you grab the gloves. It lets you stay on top of things and stay versatile and practical.

But it also makes it much easier to style. By choosing layering options with neutral colours or a similar palette, you can stay stylish, classy, and ready to go. Layering like a pro is one of the first steps to staying warm during the winter winds.

Focusing on Functional & Fashionable Footwear

The next step is easy: focusing on functional footwear. When it comes to surviving the Calgary winters, proper footwear can be an absolute game-changer. A good pair of boots helps you:

  • Stay warm
  • Be protected from the elements
  • Keep dry

Whether it’s a pair of sturdy snow boots to a classy pair of ankle boots, make sure you focus on functional footwear that suits your situation. But don’t worry—you can stay stylish as well! When the streets are plowed and you aren’t going far, go ahead and choose something that shows off your own unique look. Just try to be practical, and you’ll be stepping down the street with style in no time.

Choosing Cozy, Comfortable, & Classy Accessories:

You’ve got your coat and layers. Your boots are laced tight. There’s one big step left: accessorizing.

It isn’t just a fashion statement. Whether you’re grabbing a cute hat, a pair of classy leather gloves, or a scarf with a gorgeous pattern from a vacation you’ve taken, accessorizing is a practical way to stay warm and comfortable—while still making a statement that you’re ready to take on the Canadian cold in style.

So don’t forget to complete your winter look with cozy accessories! You can mix and match the colours as you see fit to keep your style game on point.

Shop Consignment to Stay in Style

While style is always important—after all, who doesn’t want to make a statement?—you should always try to prioritize your comfort. It’s going to take a little longer to get around until the ice thaws, so you might as well be comfy and cozy while you’re at it.

So think about consignment! Our team at The Peacock Boutique Consignment is always keeping an eye out for quality pieces to keep you warm, happy, and comfortable this winter. You can find unique pieces to meet your own individual style with our online store.

A woman looking in the mirror and trying on a fur coat in a boutique.

Consigning Through the Canadian Cold

Winter doesn’t last forever, so why let your closet get cluttered with seasonal items? By consigning your own clothes, you’re freeing up valuable closet space—all while keeping things sustainable. At The Peacock Boutique Consignment, we offer a wide range of gently-used items at affordable prices. Try consignment with us, and contact our team today to learn more about how to get started!

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