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Aritzia Consignment: Where to Find Brand Names for Less

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There is a thrill in finding a high-quality, high-fashion item at a fraction of the original cost, especially when the brand in question is as trendy and aspirational as Aritzia. Consignment shopping has quickly become the savvy way to pick up brand names like Aritzia for less to enhance your wardrobe, save money, and make a sustainable fashion statement. 

Let consignment shopping be your style compass and guide you to a treasure trove of Aritzia consignment, where those once out-of-reach styles are just a browsing session away. 

The Aritzia Brand

Walking into an Aritzia store is like stepping into the closet of your chicest friend—elegant, curated, and on-trend. But what if we told you that the Aritzia styles you love could be found elsewhere for significantly less? 

The rise of online consignment platforms has democratized fashion, making luxury and high-quality brands accessible to a wider audience. Aritzia, known for its premium yet contemporary clothing, is no exception, with its pieces making their way into consignment stores. 

A Win-Win for Everyone

Consignment shopping benefits everyone involved. Original owners clean out and refresh their closets—it is out with the old and in with the new—and earn revenue in the process.

Buyers gain gently-used, sometimes never-worn items at a discount, and the broader fashion ecosystem sees reduced waste. The planet also appreciates your savvy style choices, as purchasing consignment clothing extends the lifecycle of garments, keeping them out of landfills.

The Guilt-Free Upgrade

Consignment shopping is not just about scoring deals. It’s about updating your look without financial guilt. It is common for fashion-conscious individuals to have items in their wardrobe that, for whatever reason, did not get the wear they deserve. 

Say goodbye to guilt. Consigned clothing can provide a second chance for these pieces to be flaunted and appreciated for the gems they are.

Navigating the Consignment Seas

When setting sail into the world of consignment, a few things can help make it a smooth trip.

Know Your Brand

Familiarize yourself with Aritzia and other brand names a consignment store carries. That information can help you spot the real deal and make sure you are getting the quality the brand is known for.

Quality Over Quantity

While the costs of brands in consignment stores may be lower, the expectation is that the product should be in great condition. If you shop online, do not be afraid to ask for additional photos or details for quality.

Creating a Winning Wardrobe

Consignment shopping, especially with high-end brands like Aritzia, allows you to curate a closet in line with current fashion trends at a fraction of the cost. Update your entire wardrobe or find those trendy pieces to mix and match with your current collection.

Finding the Hidden Gems

There’s an art to spotting the brands you love in a sea of consignment garments.

Keep an Eye Out for Sales

Some Aritzia consigners might offer great discounts to move their items quickly. Timing is everything—be vigilant and snap up those pieces when the price is right.

Don’t Ignore the Basics

Aritzia’s basics can be the building blocks of any wardrobe, as they are versatile and high-quality, so finding a pair of their cult Sunday Best jeans or a Babaton silk blouse at a consignment store is a win.

Making the Most of Your Aritzia Find

Now that you have scored some Aritzia pieces, here are ways to keep them in top condition.

Care Tips

Follow the care instructions on the label. Hand-washing or gentle cycles for more delicate items can help maintain them.

Styling Savvy

Mix and match your new-to-you Aritzia items with pieces you already own. Don’t feel like you have to match the trend—make it your own. A strappy crop top from Wilfred paired with vintage denim? We are in.


When you are ready to refresh your look again, consider re-consigning your own Aritzia items. It is a cyclical process that can keep your fashion footprint light on the earth and heavy on style.

Where Style, Savings, & Sustainability Meet

Aritzia consignment is a goldmine of treasures waiting for you to dig in. By indulging in these pre-loved pieces, you get a great deal and contribute to sustainable fashion practices. 

Remember, fashion is supposed to be fun, and with a little creativity and some consignment sleuthing, you can make it your own. We offer tips for drop-off if you are interested in consigning some of your well-cared-for items. Or contact one of The Peacock Boutique Consignment’s 3 locations if you have any questions. 

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