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How to Make Money Selling Clothes

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Turning your passion for fashion into a profitable venture has never been easier. If you have a wardrobe filled with fashionable items you no longer wear, consignment shops can be a fantastic avenue for turning those pieces into cash

Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast looking to turn your passion into a profitable venture or simply want to clean out your closet and earn some extra cash, selling clothes can be rewarding. 

With so many tools at your disposal, including online platforms and consignment options, it can be overwhelming to determine how to get started. 

How to Make Money Selling Clothes

Before you start selling, it’s important to establish your ultimate goal. Are you simply looking to clear space in your closet and make some extra cash, or are you hoping to build a business as a reseller? Determining this can help you pick the tools and strategies to ensure success. 

Some popular options for selling clothes include:

  • Consignment shops: If you’re looking for a more hands-off approach to selling your clothes, consignment can be a good option. While online consignment platforms exist, you may also benefit from building a relationship with your local consignment shop.
  • Peer-to-peer marketplaces: In this ever-evolving landscape of online platforms, you can find many tools for selling clothes right at your fingertips. Websites and apps like eBay, Etsy, Depop, and Facebook Marketplace can offer you access to a wide range of potential customers at the click of a button. 
  • Social media: Utilizing social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok can help you establish an online brand, grow your customer base, and drive sales.  
  • E-commerce: An e-commerce platform like Shopify can benefit anyone looking to establish an online business. This option can allow you to create a custom storefront and expand your sales capabilities. 

Selling Clothes Through Consignment at The Peacock Boutique

Selling your clothes through a consignment shop is a low-maintenance alternative to selling online. By becoming a consignor, you can earn extra cash from your unwanted clothing items without having strangers come to your house and try on your clothes

How Consignment Works

While the consignment process may look slightly different at other stores, you can generally expect to drop off your clothes, shoes, or accessories at the shop. When your item sells, you will earn a portion of the revenue. 

At The Peacock Boutique Consignment, our consignors earn 40% of the revenue from the sale of most items. Higher priced items are eligible to receive a higher percentage of the revenue, but all pricing and marketing are at the sole discretion of the consignment team, but our ultimate goal is to get your pieces sold. 

How to Make the Most From Your Clothes

Becoming a consignor is a great way to get something back from the investment you’ve already made in your wardrobe. Following these few steps can help you get the most from selling your clothes through consignment: 

  • Make sure your pieces look their best: Clean, launder, or dry-clean your clothes before bringing them in. Ensure that each piece is pristine, with no stains, tears, or missing buttons. Iron or steam your garments to remove wrinkles and present them in the best possible light. Additionally, provide original packaging, receipts, or certificates of authenticity for designer pieces.
  • Prioritize quality and name brands: Different consignment stores focus on their own specialties. Some are focused on vintage wear, where others are focusing on volume of items. At higher-end boutique shops, we offer a curated selection of high-quality and name-brand clothing items. When selecting which items to bring to one of our stores, prioritize well-made, name-brand items. We may also list specific on-trend or seasonal pieces that we are seeking through our Instagram stories. 

Benefits of Consignment with Peacock Boutique

Consignment can offer a hands-off approach to turning your unwanted clothes into cash. Additionally, you can feel good about giving your clothing items a second life and diverting them from the landfill. In most cases, items that cannot be sold through consignment can be donated to local charity organizations or responsibly recycled. 

At The Peacock Boutique, we strive to provide the highest return on your consigned clothes in Calgary. We share 40% of the revenue earned from your sold items, we rarely offer discounts, and we display them in a very enticing way in our stores and online. With three convenient drop-off locations, so you can start seeing returns on your closet fast. 

Selling Clothes Online

Selling clothes online can be a lucrative side hustle or even a full-time business. With the right tools, strategies, and understanding of the market, you can turn your keen eye for fashion into a profitable business. 

To get started selling clothes online, you first need to establish an online presence. Set up an e-commerce website or utilize popular platforms like Depop and Etsy. Showcase your clothing with high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and clear pricing. You can also leverage social media platforms to promote your products and engage with potential customers. 

Benefits of Selling Online

Selling your clothes online can give you more control over other options, such as taking them to a consignment shop. You will usually set your own prices and be directly responsible for marketing and customer service. 

Selling your clothes using online platforms or your website also allows you to build an online brand and following. This can be a great option for individuals looking to create a steady stream of income from selling clothes. 

Drawbacks of Selling Online

Selling clothes online can be a very time-consuming endeavour. As an online reseller, you have a long list of responsibilities, including:

  • Sourcing in-demand, on-trend clothing items to sell
  • Preparing your items for sale, including laundering items and preparing listings
  • Pricing your items: this can include doing research to set your price and negotiating with potential customers
  • Responding to customer inquiries and feedback
  • Shipping your items to customers

Additionally, it can take time to build a customer base and establish yourself as a reputable seller. The clothing resale market is very popular and, in some areas, oversaturated, making it more difficult for you to break through to new customers. 

If you are someone who is looking to sell their clothes and avoid the hassle, consigning at The Peacock Boutique is your best option.

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Your Local Consignment Partner

The Peacock Boutique Consignment specializes in women’s mid-to-high-end, brand-name consignment. Our consignors can enjoy a stress-free selling experience and earn 40% of the revenue from every piece that sells. Visit one of our locations to get started turning your clothing into cash.

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